We offer 3 packages for teeth whitening:

  • Premium Whitening

Especially for you, if you haven't experienced teeth whitening before.  We recommend that you start with this package so we can compare your teeth against our teeth shading template, identify the type of staining (extrinsic/intrinsic), and tailor your session to get the best results for you.   Perfect package if you have a wedding coming up. 

  • Sparkle Whitening

If it has been 6-9 months since you last had a teeth whitening top up then book this.  However, if you have intrinsic staining you should consider the Premium package.   

  • Express Whitening

This is for you if you are serious about keeping that smile and your last whitening was within 3-6 months.  Your free assessment, after your very 1st whitening session would have identified what shade of white you want your "White for Life" smile to be.  


We use Ultrasonic Technology for the Whitest Teeth.   It produces 2-3 shades whiter teeth faster than ever before, but a typical shade improvement of between 4-12 shades can be achieved, depending on the package you choose. 

The time for the different packages ranges from 27-45 minutes - less than 1 hour to give you back the smile you were born with. 

Typically you will undergo 3 cycles of 12 or 15 minutes, with fresh gel being applied to your teeth each time.  The ultrasonic waves vibrate the whitening gel deep into your tooth enamel causing it to surround the staining particles faster and more effectively than the old whitening trays and cold blue light. 

We use an advanced formula OSMO whitening gel which is a compliant Medical Grade professional use whitening gel.  This gel does not cause common side-effects like painful sensitivity, irritated gums, or risk of enamel damage that can plague older, now outdated systems and gels.