It is advisable to have at least a day (24 Hours) in between tanning sessions to avoid a risk of any type of sunburn and also give the skin time to start developing a tan.


 Because the tanning process is basically the same, we do not recommend tanning indoors if you do not tan outside. There is too much risk of burning

 It depends on how often you do the sessions and Skin type, but if done regularly the tan develops  within 3-5 weeks

 No we do not recommend doing two sessions in one day as the skin takes longer to develop a tan. We do not allow it.


 It depends mostly on your skin type – our experienced staff will be happy to assist you after filling out our questionnaire form to assess your skin type.


 Usually between 5 and 10 sessions depending on your skin type

 Yes. We offer a 10% Discount on 10 Trip Sessions and other services.


 Yes a 6 month expiry from purchase

Spray Tans

 The best thing to do it exfoliate beforehand making sure your skin is clean with no moisturiser  and wear loose clothing (preferably not white) 

 Yes there are 3 different ‘colours’ or shades depending on your natural skin colour and how dark you want your look to be

 Because the Spray Tan produces mist, it is recommended not to have a spray tan the same day as Eyelash Extensions

 No you can still burn through it

 If you maintain your skin by moisturising after the session it usually last between 4 -5 days. Note this will be reduced by bathing and sweating  


 Yes, most definitely. The moister your skin is, the quicker it tans and longer it lasts. The lotions also have oils and ingredients to enhance your tan.

Classic Tan

 Absolutely, simply click our make an appointment to the left of the screen

 Classic Tan does not allow anybody under 18 to indoor tan. This is in adherence with the Standards NZ Indoor Tanning Recommendations. We suggest spray tans as an alternative.