Classic Tan has available:

  • two classic J.K.Ergoline sunbeds where tanning times range from 12 to 25 minutes with total session periods of up to half an hour. Our classic 15 minute sessions are undertaken on these beds.  Just relax and enjoy the rest and warmth while you enhance your tan.  These are our beginner beds and are also good for clients that have have more time, or tan slowly.
  • Hapro Lumina sunbed is comfort all the way with times ranging from  5 to 20 minutes and is suited to those that already have a base tan and are happy to relax while they build on their tan.

All the beds are air-cooled and each has a face tanner and a moulded perspex base to add to the client's comfort. The tubes are changed on a programmed basis to ensure their best performance.

New Clients

If you are new to UV tanning you will require an Introductory Session to start off with.

At this session you will recieve a:

  • FREE skin type assessment
  • FREE tanning moisturiser/accelerator product
  • 12-15 minute sunbed session (depends on your skin type)

For new clients we give you a "one time" offer of a 5 session bundle that can only be purchased at the time you complete your "Intro Session". This allows you to try different equipment to determine your preference and gives you:

  • a tailored tanning schedule, 
  • 5 sessions
    • 3 x  classic sunbed, 
    • 1 x  Lumina sunbed
    • 1 x  Stand up sun capsule, or you can swap this session for a classic or lumina sunbed session
  • 2 x tanning products


Introductory Session
Newbie Bundle
Classic 15 min
Classic Full